Booking Appointments

Location and times of private clinic

My private work is currently based at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. My current clinics are Mondays from 10am to 8pm, Tuesdays 5-8pm and Wednesday 5-7pm. I will be opening a Friday morning to early afternoon clinic soon.

I can occasionally book times on other days and times, so this can be discussed. I do not currently carry out home visits.

Free initial 15 minute telephone consultation

I offer a free initial 15 minute telephone call to discuss the help you are looking for and answer any questions you may have. If you then wish to proceed we can find a date and time for the initial assessment. Please select the contact me tab on this website to get in touch.

How to Book an Appointment

You can contact me directly to discuss booking in a session.  You can contact me either via this website, via my email, or on my mobile 07715613355 for a free initial telephone consultation.  You do not need to obtain a referral from your GP or paediatrician to see me, unless required to by your insurance company. 

I am not always able to answer calls due to the nature of my work. My private phone and email will be checked between 9:00am-18:00pm Monday to Friday, with the exception being 9:00am-20:00pm on Thursdays when I run my private clinic. Please leave your name, your child’s name and your contact details along with your message and I will contact you as soon as possible.

What to expect from your psychology appointment?

I take a relaxed and friendly approach and am happy to pace the sessions according to your needs.  The initial assessment session is an opportunity to meet with you and your child, to introduce myself and the role of psychology and to explore any questions you or your child may have before we begin the session.  The assessment itself will cover a range of areas including taking a full medical and developmental history, which will enable me to create a clearer understanding and formulation of the presenting difficulties and help to then tailor the appropriate intervention for you and your child.  At the end of the assessment we will take time to discuss what goals you and your child may have for therapy before agreeing how many initial sessions would be helpful to book in. 

How long are sessions?

Initial assessments last up to 90 minutes and follow up appointments last for 60 minutes.  The regularity of sessions can be discussed and reviewed.  I am happy to tailor the work to meet your needs where possible


Everything that we talk about over the phone, by email and during the sessions will remain confidential.  Although my clinic room is based in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, I do not share information with the hospital, unless you have requested me to do so.  During the therapy, it may be beneficial for me to share information with other health care professionals involved in your child’s care. It may also be beneficial to speak to other professionals involved in your child’s life, for example their school. I will ask for your consent to be able to share the agreed information in these circumstances. 

I also use supervision as part of my commitment to good practice. It is also a professional duty as outlined by the British Psychological Society. The duty of confidentiality extends to my supervisor/s, who is also a qualified and accredited professional.

It is often important for the child or young person to have the space to talk openly away from family members. The child or young person will be asked about how much information discussed in the session they are happy to share with their parents. The limits of confidentiality will be explained to them in the first meeting. Strategies and techniques will always be explained to parents and carers to help them support their child outside of therapy.

Limits of Confidentiality

The only exceptions to this confidentiality is if there is any risk to you, your child, or anyone else.  In these circumstances, I am obliged to act accordingly, which might involve contacting your GP, local services, or next of kin.  Except in the most extreme cases I would discuss this with you first, and would not share information without your prior knowledge.

Jonathan Gibbins Jonathan Gibbins