“Jonathan, a huge thank you for all your help and support with my son. We really were at our wits end when we first came to see you and it was frightening for us as parents to feel completely out of our depth in knowing how to help him. You had such a reassuring manner and handled him so well, especially during some of our early visits when he wasn't easy. I am incredibly grateful..... you're brilliant.”

“We found the sessions invaluable. Compared with our appointments with the medical doctors, the sessions with you allowed much more time to discuss and reflect on my child’s difficulties and to find strategies to help him and also us as parents cope with them, which made me feel very supported and helped a lot with my anxieties around the situation.”

“I was impressed with your kind and gentle manner with my son (and us). My son positively enjoyed the sessions and even said that his favourite part was when we left the room and he talked to you on his own.”

“Having support in tackling my son’s soiling problems from a behavioural point of view was invaluable.”

“Our sessions with you felt very safe and your manner and rapport with our son, together with the structure of the sessions, meant that I felt very comfortable leaving him alone with you for part of the session.”

“We struck the psychologist lottery by finding Jonathan.”

“When we started going our son was in a pretty bad way not only physically but emotionally as well. It had completely knocked his confidence and Jonathan has done the most incredible job to build our boy up again”

“I feel like we have our son back now and will be forever grateful to Jonathan for all his amazing help.”

“Not only is he hugely qualified in this field but his easy-going manner and gentle friendly approach cannot be beat. Jonathan Gibbins is a hero in our house and I would recommend him a 100 times over.” 


Jonathan Gibbins Jonathan Gibbins